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Cylinder Damper Assembly

Cylinder Damper Assembly

The Cylinder Dampers are optimally applicable to absorb high energies on least installation space. Cylinder Dampers are high performance dampers which complete our range of products with relatively small mounting space.
Detailed Description

The function of these units is based on the use of the worldwide

  • Shock Absorber/ Damper Type: Elastomeric,
  • Dampening Method: Mechanical,
  • Absorption/ Damping Action: Compression,
  • Mounting: Threaded, Other.

Each sheave damper assembly consists of a movable crosshead assembly, damper cylinder assembly, damper piston, damper accumulator and fluid piping, buffer assembly, and charging panel. The system is also equipped with a common fluid stowage tank, which provides a stowage space for fluid in the sheave damper assembly while maintenance is being performed.

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